For a Sustainable Life

With the goal of leaving a more livable World to future generations, we carry out all of our productions within the framework of our sustainability policy. With our motto “Turn back to nature and natural!”, we create our products and collections inspired by nature and turn them into art through fabric.
We spell nature with our production that we realize with our sustainability policy. By contributing to the transformation of tons of plastic and waste with our productions every year, we have a share in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Therefore, our collections that we create with renewable and natural resources are appreciated by both eyes and hearts. We are producing quality fabrics with the moves we have made in order to make our future more livable.
Our environmentally friendly production processes and our fabrics made from certified threads obtained from renewable resources contribute to a sustainable life and a cleaner environment. After the production phase, we send all chemical textile wastes to recycling units with our environmentally sensitive team in order to make them harmless to the environment.
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