Bil-Han Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.Ş., is a manufacturing company that aims to ensure energy efficiency in production and all processes, to reduce energy consumption and expenditures, and to achieve long-term environmental and economic sustainability.

Our management aims to set goals in accordance with the policy with the participation of our employees, to create actions to achieve these goals and to provide the necessary resources,
Comply with all laws and regulations relating to energy and meet their requirements,
Communicate effectively with all stakeholders to create shared value and beneficial results on energy management issues,
To use appropriate sources and technologies to keep energy under control,
Improve energy performance levels including energy efficiency and intensity in all processes,
To ensure efficient use of natural resources and energy, to increase the share of renewable energy sources in energy use,
Reduce energy consumption, make improvements for continuous improvement of energy efficiency, monitor their implementation and results,
Use energy efficient products, purchase services and ensure that relevant design studies are carried out or procured to improve energy performance,
To continuously improve, document, communicate to all units, review and update our energy management system,
Provide our senior management with all the information and resources they need to achieve the goals and objectives of Energy,
is committed.