Solar Contrast Batik (Tye-Dye) Collection

The Batik trend we know from 16th century Indonesia is back with us in the summer of 2022!
Our 2022 summer concept comes out of Indonesia’s colorful world and takes us from the African savannah to the red deserts. Our Solar Contrast Batik Collection, inspired by the colorful images created by the mixed structure of Indonesia, the traditional structure of India and even the spices, promises you a colorful world in 2022.
Batik, which is among the indispensable choices of those who love to dress authentically, is transformed into dresses, trousers, skirts, shorts, shirts and many other products that look like they are out of a work of art using the impregnation technique.
In our Solar Contrast Batik collection; the flowers of nature, colorful butterflies, birds of paradise are stylized and every shade of the sun is reflected in our fabric designs as motifs. Our collection, in which we reflect the colors of nature with every shade, infuses you with both energy and power.
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