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With our 60 years of experience in textile industry, we have been serving under the brand Bilhan Textile since 2000. As Bilhan Textile, we have brought a new breath to the Turkish textile industry. On the way we set out to provide world-class services, we are proud of reaching the goals we set ourselves in the fields of flat dye printing and digital printing.
As Bilhan Textile, we keep a wide range of products and patterns in order to fully meet the expectations of our customers. We offer cotton, viscose, linen, polyester and combinations of them, which we import and produce through our nationwide production network, with different patterns, colors and creations in accordance with the needs of our customers. As Bilhan Textile, we open our doors to a different world every season with the collections we prepare under the leadership of our successful designers.
We export our fabrics, which we have carefully prepared with the effective work of our R&D and P&D teams, to all over the World, especially to England, Italy, France and the USA. Our fabrics proudly adorn the collections of many corporate companies. Some of the brands, in collections of which we participate, are; Zara, H&M, TopShop, Mango, Lc Waikiki…
In our facility operating in a closed area of 22.000 m² in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, we realize 36.000.000 mt of flat dye and printing production by combining the forces of our educated and experienced staff and the latest technology machinery, in order to use limited natural resources at least and most efficiently.
With our more than 150 educated and experienced staff, we are among the distinguished organizations serving the domestic and export markets. We prioritize R&D and innovation and produce fabrics that are compatible with the changing fashion every year. As Bilhan Textile, we continue to gain more strength day by day.
Our quality conformity certificates such as OEKO-TEX®, Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) – Version2.0, Organic Content Standard, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) have been obtained as a result of our meticulous work, and our compliance certificates, which are expected to be approved and are still in preparation, will soon be included in our organization.

Machine Park

In order to provide better service in the textile industry, we use machines that will help us produce the highest quality products in the field. Thanks to the machines we use, our total production capacity in the rotary printing area is 1,800,000 meters, our total production capacity in the dyeing area is 1,800,000 meters and our total stenter production capacity is 3,600,000 meters.
• Stork Pegasus, 2011 model Rotary Printing Machine – 12 Colors (Rotary Printing)
• Stork RD8, – Rotary Printing Machine – 12 Colors (Rotary Printing)
• Reggiani Renoir, 32 Head Digital Printing Machine (Digital Printing)
• Monforts, Stenter, 1 piece, 2006 – 1 piece, 2018 Model (Stenter)
• Brückner, Stenter 2014 model (Stenter)
• Küsters, Open Width Washing 2014 model (Washing)
• MCS, Washing machine (Washing)
• Küsters, Pad-Batch Machine, 2014 model
• 18 Jet Dyeing Machines (Air, horizontal and water) (Jet Dyeing)
• Sanforization, Transfer Press, Thumbler
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